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  • Airline Credit Cards and Air Miles Credit Cards
    Airline credit cards often offer bonus air miles at selected stores, or on specific travel destinations. Many air miles credit cards have a minimum number of miles that have to accumulate before you receive a free or discounted trip.

  • Applying for a Credit Card
    Not only can applying for a credit card be done through the mail or over the phone, most credit card companies now offer their application services online. Either way, the basic credit card application information that you will need is the same.

  • Applying for a Credit Card With No Credit History
    When you are applying for a credit card, it is very possible that your credit application may be denied if you don't have a credit history. Lenders are leery about opening accounts for people with no credit history because they simply have nothing to base your reliability on.

  • APR Credit Card Features
    APR stands for "Annual Percentage Rate". It is the amount of money that you will pay, expressed as a percentage, for the privilege of charging purchases and carrying a balance.

  • Business Credit Cards
    Business credit cards can be issued to more than one individual. The business owner, or authorized representative, can specify an unlimited number of additional card bearers.

  • Cash Back Credit Cards and Reward Credit Cards
    With cash back credit cards or reward credit cards, you make your usual credit card purchases and receive incentives in the form of cash back or reward points.

  • Choosing a Credit Card
    There are so many credit cards out there to choose from that deciding which one to get can feel really daunting. All credit card offers will offer benefits.

  • Credit Card Application Rejected
    Although several other things may have been taken into consideration, such as your salary or time on your job, your credit score is usually the reason for credit card rejection.

  • Credit Card Balance Transfer
    Most banks treat a credit card balance transfer identical to a cash advance. Also, the transfer may be subject to daily interest fees.

  • Credit Card Charges
    Knowing just how your customer's credit card charges go from point A, your store or business, to point B, your bank account can give you tips as to what to look for in a processing company.

  • Credit Card Debt
    If you suddenly find yourself struggling with credit card debt there are things you can do that will help to ease your stress and reduce your balances.

  • Credit Card Expiry
    Most of us don't even pay any attention to teh credit card ezpiry date, but you can bet that the card approval network knows exactly when your credit card expires, and for good reason.

  • Credit Card Features
    All credit cards offer a variety of features. Knowing and understanding these credit card features will help you to decide which card is right for you.

  • Credit Card Fraud
    Protecting your online business from credit card fraud is vital. For businesses that are offline, the challenges of accepting credit cards as payment can be the same. Fraud is such an ugly word and we want to avoid it at all costs.

  • Credit Card Numbers
    Most of the major credit card companies operate on the same system when choosing credit card numbers. Other cards like gas cards, department store cards and phone cards go their own way.

  • Credit History
    Your credit history influences any and all decisions that a company or institution will make when considering you as a credit risk. Because of its importance, knowing and understanding what your credit report says about you is vital.

  • Credit Worthiness
    Fixing credit worthiness is less like repairing and more like mending. A repair replaces a broken part and you're on your way.

  • Differences in Credit Cards
    Several different types of credit cards offer several different options, depending on what your needs are. Some are geared toward individual consumers while others are set up in ways that work best for small business needs.

  • Instant Approval Credit Card
    One advantage of applying for an instant approval credit card online is that you can research a wide range of credit cards to find the one that is best for you.

  • Introduction to Credit Cards
    Although credit cards can be great in an emergency situation, they can easily get out of hand. Before you apply for one, decide in advance what you plan to use it for. If used with discretion, they can come in pretty handy.

  • Lost or Stolen Credit Card
    The first thing you need to do is report the stolen card to the company as soon as possible. Most companies have a toll-free number or an online service that deals solely with this problem.

  • Low Interest Credit Card
    Since the competition is so aggressive, you won't have any trouble finding a low interest credit card. Be sure to read the fine print when you apply for the low interest card.

  • Offline Credit Card Payments
    Not only does your credit card offer customers the convenience and ease of not having to carry around cash or checks, it lends a sense of professionalism to your establishment as well.

  • Online Credit Card Payments
    If you want your online business to be capable of accepting credit card payments, you must have some type of merchant account. A merchant account allows you to take credit cards as forms of payment in a safe and secure manner.

  • Paying Your Credit Card Bill
    Paying off a credit card is a whole lot harder than charging one. There are some options that you have, as well as some tips to make the whole ugly process go a little smoother.

  • Prepaid Debit Cards
    Prepaid debit cards have a wide range of benefits. They are much safer for consumers to carry than cash and they can be used in all countries in the world.

  • Secured Credit Card
    A secured credit card works more or less like bank debit cards, except the money spent is not withdrawn immediately and the user makes payments monthly.

  • Student Credit Card
    A student credit card, when used responsibly in moderation, can be a huge step toward financial independence. If it is treated with respect, it will remain a servant instead of the master.

  • Types of Credit cards
    One of the more recent additions to the credit card world is the low-interest credit card. If you live anywhere in the U.S., you've probably already received information regarding these types of credit cards

  • Your Credit Report
    Oddly enough, even though our credit report influences just about every aspect of our financial life, most of us have never even seen ours, let alone know what our FICO score or credit score is.


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